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Why you Need to Have an Annual Eye Examination

You're seeing clearly the things from afar, you can read the newspaper at least a ruler away from your eyes and you think nothing is wrong with your vision. Perhaps you are correct or maybe not. Having a clear vision does not mean that you will sit back relax and do your regular activities without the need to consult an optometrist or an eye specialist. Your eyes are windows to your health and it is not just the eyes being clear and healthy but your whole body. It is always your over-all health that matters. There are things happening in your eyes that does not affect your vision but when examined tells about your health. Just like having an increase in blood glucose levels where it slowly damages the eyes but still maintaining that clear vision.

The early stages of diabetic retinopathy can be caught with good eye examination and the treatment is not about your eye but the tapering of your blood glucose levels. You need an internal medicine check-up after your visit to the optometrist or eye specialist for eye exam nampa. Physicians can detect other early signs of diseases through your eyes and not only diabetic retinopathy but also illnesses like hypertension, nerve damages, tumors and aneurysms or others. Your eyes need to be dilated in order to allow the passage of light unimpeded and a clear delineation of the periphery of the inner eye. Your aqueous humor is also important because there is a certain pressure that is required to keep the eyes in check because when the pressure becomes too high, a patient may have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches and difficulty of vision. There are eye surgeries that needs further diagnostics and regular check-ups such as some corrective eye surgeries where the patient has a higher risk for retinal detachment therefore an eye exam is the top most priority for most of these patients.

Retinal detachment can only be seen with ophthalmoscopic procedures and it is best to catch this problem earlier than risk another surgical procedure. Eye examinations from idaho falls optometrist are best done every year because you need to catch eye diseases in their early stages since some if these eye problems are irreversible and if diagnosed tool late you can lose your vision. The recommendation for most centers is to have your eye checked at least once a year especially for those who are driving.

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